Stairs-X Lite - Stairs Calculator

Stairs-X Lite - Stairs Calculator

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You can calculate and create detailed and precise stairs plans. See them in 2D from side to top.
Calculations and drawings in the same time fast and accurate, useful for fast calculations and design for standard stairs and advanced stairs.

Input both IMPERIAL and METRIC units, and calculate using inch fractions.

Your stairs drawings are presented in real-time in more views from side view, top view and detailed view.
Stairs-X mobile is accurate, fast and offers an abundance of features, makes life easier for everyone involved in a project.
An ideal app for architects, engineers, construction professionals, field technicians, builders, handymen and contractors

You can calculate:
- Simple stairs
- Semicircular stairs
- Stairs on stringer
- Stairs on bowstring
- Stairs on 90 degrees turn (stairs L shape)
- Stairs on 180 degrees turn (stairs U shape)
- Spiral stairs
- Helical stairs
- Stairs with intermediate landing
- Zig-zag stair

- More productive in the field by working with the accurate drawings and measurements
- Replace blueprints at job sites with drawings on your mobile device
- Calculate better to avoid mistakes and re-work

Create drawings on the fly
Detailed drawings, from side to top view with all type of stairs.
Send email with your calculation.
Measure accurately while on site
Advanced stairs drawing
Share your designs in the field
Support for tablets
Work offline without an internet connection
Choose between millimeters, centimeters or inches.

Detailed drawings and accurate calculations of stairs. Treads and risers, straight stairs, spiral staircase, stairs on L and U turn.

Calculate treads depth, rise height, number of steps and angle fast and easy.
Calculate concrete stairs, simple wood stairs, spiral staircase and stairs on bowstring, each one with the best techniques of calculations.

All in one stairs calculator is all what you need.
Check the Stairs-X Pro with more features.
If you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to contact me.