Chapter cleanup : chaos

Chapter cleanup : chaos

Version 1.6
Active installs

🔶 console experience on the phone 🔶

🔶 need to play at least one gigabyte of RAM.

Game story:

Since the beginning of the story was that man for greed and power

They are seeking to work that one night of the killing was 7 billion people

But, always people who are fighting for freedom and dignity, but

Sometimes you do not answer! What's that other life.

Now I'm alone in a city full of hungry zombies and a number of people, but I do not know

I hope that eventually everything will be okay.


Action (third-person shooter)

Game Features:

🔶 fantastic graphics

🔶 professional control system

🔶 department Points In addition to the story

🔶 exciting story

🔶 two different endings in fiction

🔶 different weapons

🔶 comprehensive guide

🔶 seven levels of graphics

🔶 acceptable volume

And lots of other features that distinguish this game from other games

The field!

will be

Purchase guide:

If you have trouble buying the game: the index referred Market Cafe

Click on the button (?) At the top, buy training program

Read. You have to buy at least a second bank card and password

You will need.

Cable channel game:

@ Simorgh2015

Be sure to follow our channel

🔶 to run the game at a speed suitable to use full power.

🔶 If the game runs on your device's Settings

You can lower the graphics.

You can also turn your phone off 🔶-up game with a better run rate.

🔶 if there are problems with the game (that there is a problem!) Or any other problem, please before posting negative comments, email with the subject "There are problems with the game" to send us your problem and we must as soon as possible we will solve.

🔶 emails us:

Common problems of the game:

🔶 If the game was not installed first, then try looking at the handset in Rome. (Must be installed).

🔶 play was possible on phones with processors arm6 not run too old.

Good luck ...

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