Jurassic Epic Dinosaur Battle Simulator Dino World

Jurassic Epic Dinosaur Battle Simulator Dino World

Version 1
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Select your army of dinosaurs warriors. There are 40 different dinosaurs that you can pick. Dinosaurs are divaded by tiers and there are also hero dinosaurs that have special abilities. Dinosaurs have different types of armor - light, normal and armored. There are also different types of attack - weak, normal and area attack. Each dinosaur have different type of movement - slow, normal and fast. There are 50 different levels to fight on. You will have always an option to set up your battle ground before battle. Don't forget to upgrade your dinosaurs. After you win a battle you will recive 3 types of eggs. Eggs have propability that they will have money, some type of dinosaur or nothing at all.

When simulation is starting, you can watch the battle from different view points using joystick in left screen and swipe for rotate camera.

Try to collect all types of dinosaurs and become the grand commander of Dinosaur army.

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