Angry Anaconda Snake Rampage: City Attack

Angry Anaconda Snake Rampage: City Attack

Version 2.1
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Most feared reptile anaconda snake is in city for revenge attack and ultimate rampage. Slither and crawl and hunt your prey like a big wild anaconda snake on earth in anaconda simulator. Be a scariest predator in best anaconda city attack game. Angry Anaconda Snake Rampage: City Attack, utilize your stealth cleverness to carefully calculate the right time to strike. The city is filled with people and their animals. Fight hard for your survival in anaconda snake attack. This anaconda simulator will give you complete rampage, city fighting and revenge by a big snake. Animal city rampage has the different gameplay because of many new features added in animal city attack games. For anaconda attack the city environment contains a lot of obstacles such as explosive cars, pixel fence, barrels, block lawns, streetlights, street hydrants, cube dustbins and many other. Do the wild anaconda attack for heavy destruction in animal smash cities. You are the angry wild snake which can do anything for survival in city because of it's power Complete your smash city destruction mission and get scores in anaconda snake attack game. Explore all the modern city, do smashing and crushing and get more points. This is thrilling wild city attack monster anaconda snake destruction in city game. Earn scores and unlock many deadly textures and more poisonous snakes for city rampage in anaconda city attack game. Amazing snake attack on the city to destroy and kill innocent people in Angry Anaconda Snake Rampage City Attack. Everyone live in urban open world city and enjoy their life with families in farmland but in meanwhile some destruction sound spread the fear in city. A deadly giant anaconda is creating massive chaos in city. Enjoy much more anaconda simulator while controlling your anaconda snake in the hunter area in anaconda hunting game. You can hit damage and bite any wild animal or human in snake attack simulator with your wild anaconda in this angry anaconda wild city attack hunting. Use extraordinary power to destruction cities of anaconda survival challenge game 2019. Play the role of a real anaconda snake by having this wild animal simulator and destroy city, destroy obstacles and each and everything coming on your way and show your ultimate attacking skills. Experience electrifying and realistic hunting and city rampage while you are playing angry anaconda game. Playing this anaconda rampage city war, you must attack on human as city hunter and powerful to make your anaconda successful against the tough and strong hunter and people. Show what you possess and don’t waste your time in this anaconda fighting to win anaconda city battle and war. Let's play this most realistic and angry anaconda snake city hunting game now and enjoy the city rampage, hunting and destruction.

Angry Anaconda Snake Rampage: City Attack Features:

• Engaging background music during gameplay.
• Multiple big anaconda snakes to choose.
• Simple and smooth controls to help chase your prey
• You have many targets for deadly attack & kill everyone comes on your way.
• Adventurous 3D graphics & city environment.
• Attack & hunt quickly before they kill you.
• Realistic sound and visual effects.

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