Learn English Speak Language

Learn English Speak Language

Version 3.7.7
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Category Education
Size 60 MB
Last Update 2023 August 27
Learn English Speak Language

Learn English Speak Language

Version 3.7.7
Install +2 K
Category Education
Size 60 MB
Last Update 2023 August 27
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Learn English language, alphabet and grammar with LuvLingua.

Begin the learning experience already enjoyed by millions around the world.
LuvLingua education apps teach you through fun games, and beginner to intermediate level courses.
Study core words and essential phrases to build a strong foundation of English.
Understand and speak English to communicate more effectively!
Recommended for students, teachers, travellers, and business people who want to learn English.

Gain confidence and level up your ability with the beginner course.
200+ lessons that systematically teach and review new vocabulary, as well as help you construct sentences and questions.
Designed for students to train and improve fundamental language skills & knowledge.

Made by teachers to support and cater to different learning styles.
- Visual (Picture & Memory Game)
- Auditory (Listening Quiz)
- Read-Write (Writing & Multichoice Quiz, Word Guess)
- Kinesthetic (Animation & Target Game)
Progress in simple, easy stages and remember new lingo in a fast, fun way.

Convenient and interactive phrasebook, full of useful everyday conversation, and sorted into helpful categories.
The phrasebook includes vocabulary and dialogues for greetings, asking directions and telling time.
Test the basics with flashcards of numbers, food, clothing, colors and body parts.
Learn vocabulary and conversation to use in emergencies, school, shopping, travel and work.

Listen to high quality authentic audio of native speakers with clear pronunciation.
Test your listening and speaking ability, and master the correct pronunciation.

Alphabet lookup menu and quiz.
Recognise, read and test the alphabet.

Grammar section and sentence builder.
Practice, review and improve your grammar ability.
Study the nouns, verbs and adjectives you need.

Quickly and easily lookup a word or phrase in the search section and save it to your favorites for later study.
Track your progress and gain achievements.
Options to change user language, hide / show romanisation.

Words are translated into over 30 languages including English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese (simplified and traditional characters).
Carefully translated by bilingual native speakers and not by computers / online translators.

Learn offline without internet connection.
This app is for all ages. All content in this app is safe for kids and adults.
Lots of free content. Buy the subscription to access all the content.

More advanced curriculum will be added soon.
We are committed to regularly updating this app.
Please send us suggestions about what we can add or improve.
Bugs, feedback or support => luvlingua@gmail.com

Learn English for travel in England, America, work, school, or to talk to friends.

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واقعاً عالیه 👏😍❤️
من مبتدی نیستم ولی چون چندساله زبان نخوندم این پرسشو عکسها خیلی بجا وعالی حتی برای هرکسی که بخاد تازه آموزش ببینه تلاشتون قابل ستایشه سپاسگذارم پیشنهاد میکنم به هرکسی که میخاد دایره لغاتش بره بالا حالا غیر از گرامرش چون طوری آموزش میده که بعدش شاید زیاد نیاز به تمرین نداشته باشید موفق باشید
زیبای خفته
زیبای خفته
عاللیههه من همه زبان ها رو دانلود کردمم💜🖇