Internet charge khorasan razavi

Internet charge khorasan razavi

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In the name of God

(The software for Internet subscribers Contacts Khorasan Razavi province)

With the help of this software you can secure internet telecommunications for the entire province of Khorasan Razavi, buy the extended plan, buy traffic (volume) and special extra-time golden and silver AIDS Service fastest possible time to buy.

Software features:
- Buy Extended Internet projects Contacts Khorasan Razavi
- - Buy traffic (extra volume) Internet Contacts Khorasan Razavi
- Buy extra time, especially gold and silver internet telecommunications services Khorasan Razavi

Just try once.

Seeming features:

1-taking incredibly simple interface and attractive graphics.

2-volume application suitable

3. Support powerful

With a second password to your bank card, anywhere in Khorasan Razavi province can be charged via the SIM card of your desired purchase.

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