Shooting Hunter Special Strike

Shooting Hunter Special Strike

نسخه ۱.۲
نصب فعال

Are you a fan of FPS games the is a new first-person action shooting game.
The city is facing the threat of some terrorist organizations. You are a well-trained Special Forces member. Your job is to use your superb fighting skills and shooting ability to destroy all the terrorists that threaten the city.

The terrorists hid in the building. You have to use radar to find hiding terrorists and then destroy them. Your mission is to shoot terrorists and survive under the attack of terrorists.

The army provides you with all kinds of advanced weapons and equipment to make you better against terrorists. the is the greatest reliance on your restoration of urban peace. At all costs, to complete your mission.

Shooting Hunter Special Strike Features:
- realistic 3D environment
- A large number of advanced weapons
- Real combat effect
- The radar system detects the enemy's position
- Simple user interface
- Simple and smooth control
- Fast-paced game

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