Gun Strike Fire: Free FPS Firing

Gun Strike Fire: Free FPS Firing

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Welcome to Gun Strike Fire FPS Counter Terrorist Free Shooting Game. One of the best shooting games for boys 2020. If you are looking for new gun games of 2020 then you've come at the right place. War is here and as a real USA army commando it is your duty to stand on frontline and fight for your country.

Counter Terrorist Gun Strike is #1 3D first person shooter game of counter terrorism. Fight the global terrorism and become the ultimate counter terrorist! This game is popular among girls and ranked higher in shooting games for girls category.

Get your hands on the best free fps game with challenging sniper missions
Play as an expert first person shooter gamer to fight sniper stealth missions in this free offline action game. Enter the realistic battle environment with real time graphics and advanced physics. Win against enemy ops by eliminating all criminals hidden tactically in different location. This game is developed for offline games lovers who can play this without wifi.

Engage in most epic online 3D battle of all times!

You have been deployed to battle against the terrorist forces and unknown co-ops counter terrorists. In this free 3D sniper game story infiltrate the enemy hq to fight against rivaling sniper assassins. Select and upgrade your weapons with advance physics from artillery to gain victory in the next round. Clash with these criminal soldiers and stop all their evil plans of destroying world peace. Choose a sniper rifle or an assault rifle gun for more accurate shots in this free action packed game for your devices.

As a skilled player of action games on multiple devices recharge your health and update your weapons before each fight. Accomplish mission objectives by planting explosives on the bridge before the convoy arrives. Show your fury and hunt for criminals in the best shooting gameplay.

Become a hero by wining each round of this thrilling war against the terrorist forces in this best action packed online 3D game!

Modern Shooting Combat Assault Games, First Person Shooter and Shooting, Action Shooter Battle Campaign.

Trigger sniper rifles and assault rifles in a realistic 3D environment, shoot crazy, and then get more items and weapons from the award.


- Thrilling action packed gameplay with secret stealth mission objectives
- High quality graphics with best sound effects in fps game
- Chose an exotic sniper rifle with advance features from artillery

AIM and SHOOT! Download now for free one of the best fun FPS shooting games. Clash with the criminals on different scenarios.

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