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We are blissful to be honored for releasing the Android Application of the most reliable Automobile Media in Iran :

After scrutiny of websites and applications in Iran related to Automobiles, “Wikikhodro” regreted due to absence of a reliable source in this field; Since in spite of all passed years of use of the Internet and it’s derived technology, no needed accuracy and sufficient attempt has been applied even in categorizing and presentation of models of cars. So this made “Wikikhodro” to apply the combination of it’s experience and effort in order to resolve this lack. This brought out consideration and correspondence with Automobile Manufacturers and Experts over the course of 2 years.

Finally, the conclusion came to “Wikikhodro Android Application” which some of it’s features are in below:

- Most reliable models of automobile manufacturers and other general categories.

- Practical advertisements of cars for sale and rent.

- Diverse factors and filters to search by.

- Easy registering advertisement of cars for sale and rent with an one-page form.

- List of Agencies of manufacturers, Showrooms and Rental Companies.

- Dedicated pages with Google Map for Agencies of manufacturers, Showrooms and Rental Companies.

- Simple, clear and attractive user interface.

- Allocated programming and appealing design.

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