Hard game ever: programming

Hard game ever: programming

Version 23
Install <10
Category Puzzle
Size 12 MB
Last Update 2024 February 25
Hard game ever: programming

Hard game ever: programming

Sergey Tropin
Version 23
Install <10
Category Puzzle
Size 12 MB
Last Update 2024 February 25
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Imagine you have a creature: cow, wolf, dog, man and others.
You also have a set of commands (in the form of puzzle pieces): go left, go right, eat, drink, sleep, attack, build and many others.
Your task is to connect these commands in such a way (make an algorithm) so that the creature will complete the task of the level.

The goal of the game: you need to make a sequence of commands so that the creature does what is required in the task of the level. It looks like a robot programming game. Cellular automata according to scientific.

Develop your brain to enhance creativity, logic, iq and algorithms skills.
A good base for mastering a real programming language.

Available to you
- more than 10 different creatures.
- more than 20 levels.
- over 30 different command puzzles.
- sandbox mode: free play, build and do what you want. Run your own experiments.

In the game every creature is a blank slate. You can code behavior: to move, sleep, eat, to talk, hunt, and more.

No complicated coding!
It's just - we've got the pieces of the puzzle in this command. Joining them together in a sequence of actions, it turns out the algorithm. Directly opposite the animal begins to digitize and to do what we want, full of fun!

The game has two modes:
- Levels.
- Sandbox.

In levels You will learn the structure of the algorithms and jigsaw puzzles try a new puzzle. Ivan - your personal assistant will help with instructions!

A sandbox is a map in 2D. Create any combination and behavior of animals and humans.

Excellent training pupils, students and adults to learn a programming language in the form of a game.

- Unusual thinking!
- Analytical and logical thinking.
- A plan of action.
- Creative in solving problems.
- Testing, problem Troubleshooting errors as in the present programming!

- Smart game.
- Develops initial programming skills.
- No wifi. You can play offline.
- Educational game.
- You can do experiments.

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