Mini Games Universe

Mini Games Universe

Version 0.4.0
Install +10 K
Category Puzzle
Size 148 MB
Last Update 2023 August 29
Mini Games Universe

Mini Games Universe

Version 0.4.0
Install +10 K
Category Puzzle
Size 148 MB
Last Update 2023 August 29
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Can you help save the universe, space invaders? It's a big galaxy out there! And we need YOU to help STEVE and HIS UNCLE a mad scientist, travel space! Let's see how SMART you are with some BRAIN games! Clean up the some planets with the car wash games to take car of the car aliens!

LET'S test your SKILLS with some ACTION AND ADVENTURE solve the pin pull! Thirsty? Grab a drink and blend it 3D, then drink that! Bt don't blend the food people!

Help reunite Steve and his Uncle with pin pull and bring them together!

Clean up car planet with some of those car wash games, yes, the cars need showers too! You earthlings wouldn't understand! Kids and adults love these car games for kids!

Are you smart enough to beat them all? WE have a lot fo pin pull levels on the prison planet! Roam the galaxy! Fight the space invaders or become one!

Feeling hungry? Make a smoothing and blend it 3D style! I'll take a banana smoothie!

Discover why the toilet is talking! Save them with pin pull and release them from the bathroom! The toilet people think you're a space invaders, maybe should be nice to them.

Find out the mysteries of the universe and DOWNLOAD NOW!
Finally! A game that has it all, including the amazing pin pull games, that everyone is talking about!

These are a mix of many mini games and brain puzzles to keep you entertained until the universe is gone or the space invaders come and get you!

Roam the planets and find new mysteries! And some cash! DISCOVER new worlds! GET RICH and survive the space invaders trying to destroy you!

Go to the food planet and blend it 3d but that might mean you're a space invaders eating the aliens. They might enjoy that!

Are you a space invaders? If you are maybe you can be a good one and help the car planet! Those cars are so dirty! Take care of them with thee car wash games where you clean the dirty asteroids of the cars!


Mini games
Space exploration


There are tons of mini game in here, like pin pull which requires you to solve a puzzle pulling pins.

Sometimes you need to make some food or blend it 3D to make some delicious drinks, blend the correct amount to win.

We have a car was games planet that has a lot of car games for kids!

You fly a spaceship around the planets! Watch out for the prisoners and escape them in the pin pull prison levels!

Who is this game for?

Travelers and space invaders that enjoy adventure and mini games!

People that love to solve puzzles and the pin pull game to get Steve and his uncle back together.

People that love cars and nice car wash games if you need to clean yourself up!

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اسماعیل علم دار
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