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aloo Sassan Market is an online supermarket that allows you to buy quality products, affordable prices and a variety of thousands of products and free shipping that can be used to pay for all your supermarkets at any time of the week.

Aloo Sassan Mark's goal is to prevent air pollution due to inefficient traffic and prevent respiratory illness and waste of time so that you can easily buy your desired products from the Sassan Market app and get the free home door in the shortest time.

App Features:

The ability to buy quality, fast and easy product
Insert the full description and features of each product
Possibility of refund of goods and repayment
Ability to cancel and edit the cart after ordering
Free Order Delivery Unlimited
Having the most diverse products from reputable brands
Possibility to deliver the order within customer's preferred timeframes
Possibility to review, select and buy without time and place restrictions
With the aloo Sassan Market, you always have the largest supermarket in the city.
Currently, aloo Sasan is an active market in Behbahan city and will soon be active in all provinces of the country.
We accompany you in all stages of the purchase process until the delivery of the goods.

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