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Rapid, secure instant messaging — easily sync across your mobile, tablet and laptop, with no limits on storage.

QUICK: One of the quickest messaging apps available — River connects you and your contacts via an exclusive, distributed network of data centers.

LINKED: Instantly access all of your messages from any of your devices. Never lose data again by finishing those messages that you started on a tablet, laptop or your mobile.

LIMITLESS: Don’t worry about storage, you can send your files and media, regardless of the size or type. No need to worry about disk space on your devices either, because River securely stores your entire chat history in the cloud, for as long as you need it.

SAFE: We understand that security, with ease-of-use, is important to you — this is why we encrypt all your River chats, media and groups using a combination of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure-key exchange.

STRONG: Share large videos and documents or any type (.MP3, .ZIP, .DOC etc.) with up to 250 members in group chats. River is the perfect app for hosting your online communities, coordinating teamwork, and even creating bots for specific tasks.

EFFICIENT: River is one of the most reliable messaging apps available, even when your mobile connection is weak. We achieve this by delivering your messages in as fewer bytes as possible.

EXCITING: Express yourself with ease by editing your photos and videos using River’s advanced editing tools. Why not add to the fun by also using our open sticker/GIF platform.

EASY: Message with ease, using our clear and simple interface — we work hard to continually improve your ease-of-experience across each and every feature.

ZERO ADS, 100% FREE: Use River free-of-charge, now and always. We will never introduce a subscription fee and will never sell adverts.

PRIVACY: We will never allow third-parties to access your data — your privacy is something we take seriously.

Join the future of messaging — we aim to expand the boundaries of what can be done with a messaging app, so sign-up to River today, for tomorrow’s messaging experience.

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