Glitter Ice Cream Coloring

Glitter Ice Cream Coloring

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Explore the best coloring Game with “Coloring book for Ice Cream Game”.
Beautifully designed Coloring game packed with more than 40 beautiful pages of Ice Cream.
A guaranteed fun of long hours for your kid and Preschool Learning . It has awesome interface with a soothing music and voices
Let you be creative by downloading this free game with many pictures of ice cream and ice cream truck and more.

Ice Cream Coloring Game Features:
- 42 amazing coloring pages
- for everyone relaxing and crativity development
- easy-to-use for all of ages
- Adapted for all smartphones and tablets, any screen resolution
- All coloring pages are for free NOW!

Ice Cream Coloring Game has 42 amazing coloring pages.
Everybody will love this coloring book game. In this coloring game you can find many types of ice cream and ice cream truck and more.

How to use Ice Cream Coloring Game:
- choose a coloring page for coloring
- choose the color you like
- Tap on the area you like to draw
- Save your car coloring pages with camera button
- Press zoom for catch the details
- Press erase for removing any color
- Slide the brushes to reach more colors
- Share your work art

enjoy with this Ice Cream Coloring Game!

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