QRcode Scanner

QRcode Scanner

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QRcode Scanner is the best QR and barcode scanner. This app is fast and free, and can scan any code in the world!

Using the phone's camera, our QRcode Scanner will quickly scan the QR and use our app to recognize the barcode information.

📌 Features:

1. Quickly scan and read the barcode and QR code by the camera of the phone to encode. It has an autofocus function, which can provide more light for the flashlight.
2. Save the QR code or barcode read into the image file to the gallery. Also change the color of the code.
3. We also provide various types of QR code generator, barcode maker, QR maker and QR reader types, such as personal files, contacts, messages, free texts, emails, websites, company profiles, etc. Just select any one of these classes and fill in the important fields barcode manufacturer image and QR code reader
4. Open the QR code or barcode image and read it.
5. Save scan history record, can be retrieved at any time
6. Share your information with friends.

📌How to use:

1. Turn on the QRcode Scanner
2. Point the camera at the QR code/barcode
3. Automatic identification, scanning and decoding
4. Get results and related options

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