Childrens Park Garden Cleaning

Childrens Park Garden Cleaning

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Is easy to play with things and leave them broken and maybe unfunctional, but if you are a responsible kid that loves to help others and is always in a constant stage of learning interesting things, you might wanna check out this cleaning game. Not only that you have the great opportunity to learn how things are done around here, but you will discover how to fix the possible issues in the real life. So, begin this fun kid's game with the mess that is going to be taken care of by you. The garden never looked so devastated and because you want all to be a functional park again you will begin with collecting the trash that is spread all over. Put it in the garbage can and move to the part where you remove the dirt stains that are on the toys. The horse needs a full rehabilitation and by following the instructions you are going to give it. The matt from the swing needs cleaning as well, rub it until it's orange again. The slide will gonna need some cleaning as well, use the given tools and make it all shiny. On the ground are spread some leaves that need to be gathered. When you are done with the removing the dirt from the ground you could simply go further to the fixing stage. This will imply to look closer to each item from the park that needs your attention. Fix the swing so the kids will be safe when they have fun, look at the slide so it's all ready for use. The bench for the parents or even kids needs to be fully rehabilitated. Follow the given tasks and you will finish the park garden in no time.

Before you play you might be interested in spotting some cool features this game has to give:
- Useful tricks for a proper cleaning
- Learn how important is to take care of our things
- Understand the process of fixing and resolve the damages
- Free and very easy to play
- Interesting interface and cheerful sounds
- Using different tools and seeing how all are good for
- An educational activity and a better chance to clean after yourself
- Many toys and fascinating garden to clean

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