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Are you in doubt when you are reading prayers?

Do you always read your prayers with the seal of declamation?

Do you have trouble traveling at a party without a rc?

** There are plenty of numbers on your phone every now and then **

This rc has a number of features such as:

- The ability to count the number of rackets and prostheses

- Ability to revert to the number of rituals to read the next prayer

- Show Raksh and prostration prayers like physical number

- Play alarms after each prostration to know about changing the number of promises in the prostration

- Play alarms after clicking on each button

- Ability to delete the number of keys and buttons by deleting the sound of the phone

- Not turning off the phone screen when using a decimal number

- Two types of colored and black and white backgrounds

- Detect the presence of the sensor used in the decade (proximity sensor) and display the message, if this sensor is not present in the handset.

- And ....


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