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Version 1.1.0
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The application environment is quite simple and lovely with an easy-to-use interface

Calculate hard disk volume and number of recording days

Calculate the bandwidth of the camera and recorder

Calculates the camera's field of view based on focal length

Calculates focal length based on the viewfinder width

Suitable for installing CCTV network technicians

The upcoming software is in fact a combination of four independent software, which is dominated by a CCTV camera calculator required by all the well-known installers and technicians of this industry in Iran. The simple and beautiful user interface of this software makes it easy to use and users can simply enter the required information, the hard drive, the number of days the device can capture the image, the camera's focal length, camera's field of view and bandwidth Calculate it. This software is designed to work in a CCTV system under the network. This software is essential for the work of any CCTV system installer in Iran and can show you many of the unknowns that customers need to know about it scientifically. It also provides you with the latest articles and training required by any security expert.

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The Iran Security and Control Specialty Magazine is proud to be the first source for providing CCTV cameras in Iran to provide its first product, the software calculator for the camera, to install the technicians for hard drive, number of recording days, angles Visibility, bandwidth and field of view are easy. The specialized team of Iran Security its work in 1396 with a team of experienced and technical experts in the field of security and video surveillance in Iran and is trying to provide training and materials on the day of CCTV and security. Presenting articles, news, introducing prestigious brands of the market in Iran and many other things, this site will soon open up its place among the followers of the Iranian CCTV market.

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