Auto Call Recorder

Auto Call Recorder

Version 1.0
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Now You can record all incoming and outgoing call with good audio quality. You can make your recording, its like a Automatic Call Recorder 2016 Pro with beautiful theme for your eyes, believe me you need to try it.
Record any incoming and outgoing phone call you want and choose which calls you want to save. You can set which calls are recorded and which are ignored. Listen to the recording.


• Recording will save in you selected format.
• You can enable/disable notification for start recording.
• Choose audio format.
• You can also save selected call recording.
• Enable/Disable passcode lock and change passcode.
• ON/OFF call recording.
• Inbuilt audio player for play your recording.
• Delete recorded item.
• Just use Automatic Call Recorder Pro 2016
• Play or Stop the recorded calls by single touch.
• Delete recorded call audios.
• Configure Call Recorder – Can also set the Auto Cleaning time for recording.
• Confirmation dialog: Would you like to keep recorded call that is shown just after the call End

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