PDF to Word Converter App

PDF to Word Converter App

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PDF to Word Converter App

PDF to Word Converter App

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نصب +۱۰ هزار
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Looking for file converter? Do you want to convert PDF to word or word to PDF?
Although doing so is tough as it needs time? Not a problem now, when we are giving easy online PDF converter for your ease to help you convert all your PDF documents to Word file. This is a quick PDF to word converter app and efficient to create word doc that will definitely save your time and efficiently convert your small and large PDF files into Word. It has user friendly design and with its wonderful UI now you can easily rotate pdf and convert all your PDF documents to word or word to pdf within no time.

This PDF to Word converter app helps you in all your daily life working tasks. Use this PDF to Word converter and easily convert your PDF file to Doc and save your time.

Can’t make changes in PDF? It’s because PDF is not editable document. To solve this problem this PDF to Word converter is best solution for you to create Word doc.
PDF to word app gives you ease to create word doc from PDF file. PDF to word converter converts your file to word doc and then you can view by using word viewer and also can share the converted file with your fellows.

New Features
👉New improved design and smooth fast file converter for PDF files
👉 Best PDF combiner and PDF merger to merge your scattered files.
👉 Now compress PDF files to smallest and share easily
👉 Convert PDF to Word with more speed and reliability
👉Convert word to pdf and create a pdf file easily.
👉 Split PDF pages from large PDF document
👉Rotate PDF file to your desired angle according to need
👉Secure your PDF files by locking them with password and unlock them as well whenever you want
👉 Works as best PDF compressor that reduces file size within seconds.

In PDF converter app, there is no limit of file size. You can convert large or heavy PDF file into word file or word to PDF with in no time. PDF compressor also allows you to compress PDF easily and reduce size of your file. You can then convert to PDF or word that takes very less time than usual sometimes depends on the file size.

How to Use File Converter?
1. Select your PDF file from phone storage
2. Click convert button
3. PDF file is converted to Word doc successfully

Special features of the PDF converter app:
👉 Merge PDF easily with a single touch
👉 Fast and easy to convert PDF to word
👉 Easy to rotate PDF with just a tap
👉 Easy to combine PDF in one document

Convert PDF to Word:
With this PDF converter, you can convert PDF to editable Word documents. If you want to know how to convert PDF to Word you came to the right place! We are providing you PDF to Word file converter so that you can easily view it and convert PDF to word to make your work easier and editable.

Word to PDF:
This is such helpful PDF converter app from which you can convert Word to PDF and the converted file is downloaded to your device once the conversion is done. Now convert to PDF easily and share PDF file with your boss.

Rotate PDF:
This PDF converter is for everyone who want to convert PDF to word / word to PDF easily and provides feature to rotate PDF. Convert to PDF and share your file right away in less time.

Secure PDF:
Lock/unlock your PDF files and protect them from anyone you want and make your files secure with Secure PDF feature.

Split PDF:
Easily split PDF from a PDF document and specify the page numbers that you want to split in no time with PDF to word converter.

PDF Combiner / PDF Merger:
Merge PDF with PDF merger and combine scattered PDF files in one complete document. PDF combiner lets you combine PDF files to save your time and effort. You can merge many PDF files in one document and make your life easy.

PDF Compressor:
Do you want to compress PDF file size? Do you want your PDF file to upload faster? If yes, then you can get best PDF compressor to compress PDF easily and reduce file size.

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