Parasum Sliding Keyboard

Parasum Sliding Keyboard

Version 3.1.0
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Finally, you can enjoy having a sliding keyboard in Persian! You can type your words only by passing across keys and not clicking on them. This keyboard understands you!

You may have already have some experience working with sliding keyboards. If this is the case, you're certainly familiar with their problems. Some of them (like Google Keyboard) doesn't support Persian (when in sliding mode), some of them are trial and you can't buy them in Iran and some lack the standard Persian layout. Also you may find them inaccurate in guessing job! So read the following:

Like I said earlier, with sliding keyboard, you can type by passing across keys without having to waste your time clicking them :-) However, you may find this way of typing a little strange at first. But trust me, once you are used to it, you'll forget your traditional typing method. If you think the features of "Parasum Sliding Keyboard" are limited to here, think again:

Some of the features of "Parasum Sliding Keyboard":

1. A huge vocabulary bank both in Persian and English between which "Parasum Sliding Keyboard" can choose the best words based on your finger movement. (in less than 0.04 second, with 94% of accuracy)
2. Fully customisable: Add/Remove functionality for your customised new vocabulary
3. Automatic detection of the type of edit field and choose the best keyboard layout and suggestion list accordingly.
4. Automatic punctuation correction
5. Special keyboard to include editorial functions like copy, paste, page up, select all, ... typical of desktop computers.
6. Including nearly all possible practical Persian unicode characters

We'll apply your comments in future versions.
Thank you and refer to included documentation for more info.

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