count money

count money

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If I may make a mistake when counting money

The software is hard Bdrdtvn

All of us, dealing with money and might even mistake with one count of lovely money to buy much more damage we suffered.

Capabilities :

* Low volume

* Ability to count the money to more than two billion dollars

* User interface is simple and stylish

* Ability to count each bank separately.

* Includes all Iranian currency notes of 500 USD to 100,000 USD

* Ability to count the total time just £ RS

* Use elegant shekari fonts


Just jump on, enter the number of bank Hatton to know and the rest of the money is to work!

Soon capabilities such as

* Czech Writing Guide

* Manual detection of counterfeit money

* Convert number will be added to letters.

I hope with your comments and it was still more perfect and more perfect.

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