YPT - Yeolpumta

YPT - Yeolpumta

نسخه ۶.۵.۹
+۱ هزار
نصب فعال
۴۴ مگابایت

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See your competitors and get motivated, see your friends and get empowered!

Will you fall asleep if your competitors were studying?
Wouldn't it be good if you study with your friends each at home?

SAT, exams, certificates, etc.
Studying is like a long marathon.
Don't be alone. Come and let's study together at Yeolpumta!

See your competitors and get motivated,
See your friends and get empowered!

The best motivational stopwatch to burn your passion, a timer with your passion.

1. Stopwatch
Stopwatch by subject.
Prohibiting the use of other apps during stopwatch.
Avoid touching your phone!

2. Study Planner.
The time measured by the stopwatch
It automatically creates a study planner.

3. Study Group
Create a study group!
You can see whether the study members are studying or not in real time.

4. Ranking by category
University/High School/Exam/Public Official/SAT/Language, etc.
Check the study status of the nationwide students who are studying the same category.
Get stimulated!

5. Insights (Calendar & Graph)
You can see your study time data Daily/Weekly/Monthly
The more you study, the darker the color of the calendar.

6. Real-time Competition.
Real-time comparison with how much time other people study.
Improved concentration due to competitive spirit.

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Byun Fati
واقعا فوق العادست امکانات زیادی داره کار کردن باهاش راحته جو رقابتی خوبی داره تم های رنگی خوب رابط کاربری و طراحی زیبا
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