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iReferNow is a smartphone app that facilitates patient referrals between two clinicians, with the mission of improving care coordination to deliver higher quality care using modern methods. This app is available for everyone who interacts with patients, whether you are a general physician, specialist, family doctor, community health worker, or anyone who delivers patient care.
Most people, when they are sick, will seek medical care from someone. Sometimes the clinician who is their first point of contact cannot provide the services that s/he needs. To ensure that this patient receives the care they need, the clinician needs to refer the patient to another healthcare practitioner that can help the patient with diagnosis, treatment, and other medical care. iReferNow is the quickest and easiest way to make medical referrals and to provide necessary documentation regarding the patient. Aside from finding a clinician to refer your patient, you also have the advantage of receiving patients referred to you from other healthcare providers.
How iReferNow works:
1. A referring clinician will refer a patient who needs more service that she or he can provide to another health care professional. For example, a general physician or primary care clinician might refer a patient to a specialist.
2. The clinician will send the patient’s data: full set of vital signs, documents, medical charts, pictures, or even brief 30 seconds video in order to provide necessary information which will help in making diagnosis or deciding treatments.
The referring person needs to indicate whether the patient needs Urgent Care. Then he must select the name of the healthcare professionals to refer to.
3. The healthcare practitioner will inform the referring clinician whether or not he or she will accept the patient, and once the patient arrives, will document what care and treatment was provided
4. The referring clinician can check on the status of the referred patient and see if the patient has been seen, and if any follow up is required, thus closing the loop.
SECURITY & PRIVACY: We take the security and privacy issue very seriously. iReferNow is encrypted end to end with TSL/ SSL from Comodo and meets HIPAA and other privacy criteria for data protection.
• Streamline the process of referring, connecting, linking and coordination patient care
• Real time clinician-to-clinician communication
• Electronic capture of reason for referral
• Immediate transfer of referral documents
• Ability of a provider to Accept or Refuse Patient, and communicate this decision in real time to the referring provider
• Close communication loop by providing referral status tracking and feedback capability
• Availability of an electronic audit trail
We are working every day to improve iReferNow and we need your help in our mission to modernizing medicine and improving patient care. Please let us know what language you want to include and any customization or feature that you need. Write to us so we can implement your suggestions as soon as possible! You can reach us at