TV Remote Control For Samsung

TV Remote Control For Samsung

Version 9.4.14
Install +50 K
Category Tools
Size 17 MB
Last Update 2024 June 9
TV Remote Control For Samsung

TV Remote Control For Samsung

Version 9.4.14
Install +50 K
Category Tools
Size 17 MB
Last Update 2024 June 9
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Everyone likes the fun experience of chilling at home and watching their favorite show on TV. Still, this experience often becomes annoying when you can't find your TV's remote control or if your remote control's batteries have weakened and are not working properly. Now that technology has hit everything, you can find the remote control for the Samsung tv app. For this, search in Google "Samsung remote control” or “Samsung remote control for tv,” and you can find the trusted remote control Samsung tv app; you just have to install our Samsung Remote Control via Play Store on your mobile phone, and your job is done.

Our app serves as a remote control device to control Samsung TVs. It can be paired with both Smart and Non-Smart Samsung TVs. It is rated 3+ so even children can use it easily.

The main features of the remote control for the Samsung tv app:
- Fun and simple to use
- Can be used with smart and non-smart TVs
- One-touch connection to other apps like YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify
- Media player
- Dark and light themes
- Easy installation and setting up

Selection Screen
Choose any remote of your choice from many remotes

Discovery screen
This screen will show all the devices connected to the same network. You can find your TV here to pair up with the remote control

Remote control screen
Your chosen remote control will appear here. You can tap on buttons and use them just like your original remote control

Touch Pad Screen
This touchpad screen enables you to add favorite or frequently used buttons to the top strip for convenience. It also allows the users to navigate using the built-in touchpad area of the screen

Apps Screen
All the apps installed in your smart TV will appear here. Common apps like YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, Media Player, etc., will appear in this section

Media Screen
A convenient media manipulation screen

The app works with the following Samsung TV models (Tizen OS):
Samsung Smart TV Series C, D series, Series E, Series F, Series K, Series Q, M, Series N, Series RU

What do you need to have to use this remote control for the Samsung tv app
To use this universal remote control app for Samsung TVs, you must have your smartphone or tablet and a WiFi connection on which both your smartphone and tv are connected. As the app works through a wireless network, you don't need close access to your TVs.

How to control Samsung tv without remote?
If you have a smartphone now, it is far easy to control Samsung tv without the hassle of finding a remote that is often lost. From the google play store or App store, download the Samsung smart tv remote control app. Download the app to your smartphone, set the app, and synchronize it, and it is all set to control your smart tv anytime; you need to have an active WiFi connection.

What is universal remote control for Samsung tv?
Universal remote control for Samsung tv is a luxury if you have more than one tv at your place. You can synchronize all TVs to one app and can control it easily.

This Samsung Remote Control App is designed to work best with all Samsung TVs, whether smart TVs or non/smart ones. However, please note that this app is not the official Remote Control for Samsung app.

Feel free to rate our Samsung tv remote control app if you have any comments or want to know more about our app.

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