Smart TV Remote Control

Smart TV Remote Control

Version 1.2.3
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Category Tools
Size 11 MB
Last Update 2021 January 31
Smart TV Remote Control

Smart TV Remote Control

Joe North
Version 1.2.3
Install +10 K
Category Tools
Size 11 MB
Last Update 2021 January 31
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SmartTV features are available now in the top and most simplest Universal TV Remote Control App. rimot control remot tv best universal remote

• Phone or Tablet with built in IR blaster is required for the Traditional IR TV devices.
• For Smart TV devices, both the smartTV device and user's mobile device must be connected to the same network. one for all remote
• This app is compatible with the TV brands / models currently available in the app. This is an unofficial TV remote app for these Television brands, remote control for tv

Smart Universal Remote Control TV functionalities are currently available tv control for ir remote control SONY Bravia Android TV's, LG Smart TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, Android TV and apple tv remote
The only setting you have to make is to connect the mobile device and Smart TV on the same WiFi Network and you are ready to go.
Now you can remote control for all tv Cast media files stored on your mobile phone to your Smart TV screen for all tv remote samsung remote and lg tv remote , samsung tv remote samsung tv remote control & samsung smart tv remote, ir remote, as lg remote and sony tv remote

So, Get rid of the annoying regular temper problems caused by:
• Losing your remote,
• Batteries worn out,
• Smacking your little sibling for breaking the remote,
• Biting and / or boiling your batteries in water hoping it would result in magically recharging them, etc.

Features of Traditional IR Universal Remote Control:
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remote tv sharp
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panasonic tv remote
sony tv remote control
vizio tv remote
toshiba tv remote
rimot tv

• Power ON / OFF Control.
• AV / TV.
• Mute / Un-Mute.
• Channel Digits buttons.
• Channel index and lists.
• Volume Up Control.
• Volume Down Control.
• Channel Up Control.
• Channel Down Control.
• Menu Button with up / down and left / right Controls.
• Red / Green / Blue / Yellow (Multiple purpose soft keys).

Smart TV functionalities

• Power Control.
• Mute / Volume Control.
• Smart Sharing / Casting: View your Pictures and Videos, and listen to music on your TV.
• Mouse Navigation and Easy Keyboard.
• Input
• Home
• Apps installed on your TV.
• Channel lists / Up / Down.
• Play / Stop / Reverse / Fast Forward.
• Up / Down / Left / Right Navigation.

If your brand is not listed or the TV remote control application is not working with your television, please drop us an email with your TV brand and remote model. We will work on to make this application compatible with your TV brand.

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