Steamy Draw

Steamy Draw

Version 2.0.1
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by this app you can load your picture then the steam cover it then draw on steam,Draw whatever you like on Steam and save it in finish,Like drops of water vapor can be poured down the glass,and Due to the force of gravity to be lowered.

This program gives you a choice of 3 types of steam and The image will also adjust the transparency of steam,You can also upload images from gallery or Directly from your camera.

Application features:

- Attractive graphics and user-friendly

- Choice of 3 different types of steam

- Ability to adjust the transparency of the vapor from 0 to 100

- Storage of the final image

- Drip water vapor as normal due to the force of gravity to your device

- Crystal steam vapor as the image of the natural


With this program, create attractive images on Steam and use on The social network as your avatar.


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