Visiting the Graves

Visiting the Graves

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‘Visiting the Graves’ is the first and one of the most comprehensive app presenting the Ziyarah of grave dwellers and doing good deeds for deceased one. It is available in five languages, which will be released gradually.

Some features of the app are:

1. Complete categorization of the deeds,

2. Diversity in subjects,

3. Providing references,

4. Switching from footnote to the text and vice versa,

5. Searching all indexes,

6. Changing the font size,

7. Creating favorite list,

8.Downloading and playing audio files of Surahs and Duas recited by the beautiful voice of professional reciters,

9. Enabling translation of Duas,

10. Enabling Arablish for Surahs and Duas (Arablish: Arabic text written by English letters as they are pronounced),

11. Inviting friends.

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