Zarin online store

Zarin online store

Version 3.1.10
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Zarin shop maker App is a flexible, customizable, and affordable Android application that is suitable for launching online stores, and can be a very practical and cost-effective replacement for marketers of companies that have access to products, Changes in price and quality of product information at any moment for the capillary player companies

The Zarin Store app allows you to have a beautiful store with the highest possible level of specialization for selling and introducing your products without having to pay for the high quality and without paying the extra costs.

Some features of Zarin's store app

  • Ability to define unlimited products
  • Separation of products based on bestsellers, with high-profit margins, suggested goods, new goods, popular goods
  • Display banner ads
  • Ability to use the program offline and online
  • Ability to categorize products by main and subcategory
  • Possibility to register a customer
  • Possibility to enter the customer as a guest
  • Different payment methods include online payment, pay-per-deposit, local payment
  • Possibility to determine the delivery time, settlement time
  • Possibility to insert description and image for each product
  • A graphical overview of daily purchases
  • Ability to apply a password to enter the program
  • Ability to define notifications and notifications and displays to customers
  • And ...

More information on Zarin website:

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