Version 1.2.7
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Category Shopping
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Last Update 2020 December 11


Version 1.2.7
Install +20 K
Category Shopping
Size 6 MB
Last Update 2020 December 11
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SalamBaba, buy home appliances at the best price!

At SalamBaba, you can get your dowry at the best market price. At Salam Baba, we guarantee the authenticity of 150% of the products, and this can guarantee your concern about buying the original product online.

What products are offered in Salam Baba?

Salam Baba Home Appliances Online Store currently offers a variety of TVs and refrigerators.

Our products are being offered at the best market price by eliminating intermediaries.

What is the product warranty?

All the goods offered in Salam Baba were offered with a warranty and the warranty was offered by the customer's choice.

What are the prices?

The price of home appliances and other products offered in Salam Baba by removing intermediaries is 10 to 30% more in most products and sometimes up to 50% more affordable than other online stores in the country. For this

How to buy?

Shopping from Salam Baba online store is done in two ways (telephone order - and online order). For telephone ordering, you can use the free consulting services of Salam Baba store to buy better and more economically. The Best online shopping in iran

salambaba, one of the country's most popular and largest online stores, is now on the eve of its fourth year of operation, with a wide variety of products for all segments of society for its users, "an enjoyable experience of an online shopping." "Fast Shipping", "Best Price Guarantee" and "Guaranteeing the Originality of the Goods" are the three basic principles that  salambaba


salambaba's goal has always been to create a continuous process of great experience for customers and all individuals at any time and place.

It does not matter whether you are the buyer or the seller, from every level, at any level, anywhere. We look forward to e-commerce being part of your everyday life, and whenever you want to stay up-to-date as you go.

Our hope is to make a better future for you. To improve, we always test ourselves and learn from our mistakes. The pristine knowledge and ideas are more valuable to us than traditional thoughts and techniques. As a team, there is nothing we can not achieve.

Products offered in salambaba

All products of SalamBaba

Some features of the app:

- See the products of salambaba

- View product images (product photo gallery)

- Search within products

- Product filters based on price and other parameters

- Sort products by price, latest, and ...

- Ability to complete the purchase and payment process

- View previous purchases

- View transaction records

- Possibility to choose the address and method of sending

- Use discount code

And ...

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