Universal Smart Tv Remote Ctrl

Universal Smart Tv Remote Ctrl

Version 1.3.7
Install +5 K
Category Education
Size 14 MB
Last Update 2023 September 14
Universal Smart Tv Remote Ctrl

Universal Smart Tv Remote Ctrl

Version 1.3.7
Install +5 K
Category Education
Size 14 MB
Last Update 2023 September 14
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Universal Remote TV Control:
Smart TV remote App for all smart TVs which allows comprehensive remote control for TV over multiple smart TVs and electronic devices via your smartphone. The universal smart TV remote control app enables unified control and serves as a universal TV remote free for all your electronic instruments. Universal smart TV remote ctrl is a TV remote control app that is very useful for you whenever you cannot find your TV remote. We are introducing one of the popular universal remote control app for all smart TVs. Now monitor television and all other electronic gadgets using the universal TV remote app.

Android TV remote control is required to connect your mobile phone and your Smart TV or devices with the same Wi-Fi network. It will convert your phone into a smart TV remote control. We have added all TV remote control brands like remote control for TV Samsung, remote control for TV Hisense, remote control for TV LG, Toshiba TV remote control, and Panasonic TV remote for users to easily connect their smart TVs with this TV remote universal control.

Use remote control for TV app as a remote controller for TV using the IR of your phone for play- pause videos using the best Universal smart TV remote ctrl. An infrared (IR) feature is required to send signals from the phone to the TV Remote control app so that your device works like a standard smart universal TV remote ctrl.

Universal remote TV control is a free universal remote for TV app that is easy to use. The best remote control app for TV to operate your Smart TV. Now your mobile phone is your TV remote control, so having an application on your device that works as a TV remote control is essential for mobile. All TV remote can be used for all brands of TVs, you can say this is a universal remote for TV.

Universal Smart TV remote control app supported Brands
📺 TV remote Samsung
📺 LG TV remote
📺 Philips TV remote
📺 Hitachi TV remote
📺 Vizio TV remote
📺 Toshiba TV remote control
📺 Remote control for TV Hisense
📺 Remote control for TV Sony

Most advanced and latest universal remote TV control for all countries' TV brands/models. If your original TV remote is not working properly, you can use this smart TV remote control app to watch your favorite news channels or sports channels with a free TV remote. Smart TV remote control supports both IR TV remotes and smart TVs of all brands so you do not need to download AC remote control and remote control for TV apps separately, just install the universal remote TV control app to control all devices with your Android TV remote.

Remote Control for TV Features:
▪️ Sharp TV remote control for all TV
▪️ Supports almost all brands like Samsung TV Remote, LG TV Remote, and
Roku remote
▪️ Search your favorite channels quickly with universal smart TV remote ctrl
▪️ Click on the button to turn ON/OFF your smart TV
▪️ Easily connect mobile phone with TV
▪️ Instantly detect smart TV on the same internet or WIFI
▪️ Works with all popular TV brands
▪️ Easily control your smart TV using an Android TV remote

How to use universal remote control App?
▪️ Install the TV remote control app
▪️ Select the TV brand from the available list
▪️ Select the TV remote for your smart device
▪️ TV remote control is ready to use

Your phone or tablet requires an IR blaster if your device does not have an IR sensor it works with WIFI. Make sure your smartphone and smart TV must be connected to the same internet connection. The Android TV remote app will transform your Android smartphone into a complete TV remote control.

Remote control for TV Feedback:
The Universal remote TV control app is compatible almost with all TV models/brands. However, if you face any problem in connection with the TV remote app "Email us" and we will make availability of your TV brand as soon as possible. Download the smart TV remote free from the Play Store and make your device TV remote universal control.

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