Baby Puzzles: Animals & Cars

Baby Puzzles: Animals & Cars

Version 1.3.1
Install +10 K
Category Education
Size 51 MB
Last Update 2023 March 29
Baby Puzzles: Animals & Cars

Baby Puzzles: Animals & Cars

Version 1.3.1
Install +10 K
Category Education
Size 51 MB
Last Update 2023 March 29
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These puzzles are designed for babies and little kids with a lot of pictures from the kids' world:
✔ Animals: wild and farm animals
✔ Tools: work tools of different professions
✔ Vehicles: cars, airplanes, trains, ships, and more
✔ Toys: cars and different toys from the toddlers' world
✔ Fruits & vegetables
✔ Music instruments

The application has a fun activity of panda dressing by which the small child will learn to locate the different dressing parts in their places. And he will not get bored while learning with us.

1. Simple & intuitive child-friendly interface for babies & little kids
2. Universal app for all phones and tablets
3. 11 different languages and pronunciations - English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.
4. Hundreds of puzzle pieces in 6 different categories.
5. Alphabet and numbers.
6. Animals: wild, farm, dinosaurs, and sea creatures.
7. Fruits and vegetables
8. Easy navigation between puzzles
9. Easy movement of puzzle pieces across screen
10. Drag & drop animations
11. Balloon animation & happy cheering after each correctly solved puzzle.
12. Activity: objects pickup from a tree.

We at Kideo, have always sought to provide the best for your children through applications designed, and directed each age group separately, our belief in the feature each evolutionary stage passes by your son, but in order to lend life skills and the mentality to learn and grow and play correctly and properly, and to communicate with his peers and the environment surrounding it.

Baby Puzzles - Animals, Fruits & Cars is available in 11 languages and contains 2 activities that are very fun for little kids:
(1) find the letters/numbers on a tree
(2) dressing of a small girl.

Let's your child enjoy today and download "Baby Puzzles - Animals, Fruits & Cars"

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