sa921122 Shekasteh

sa921122 Shekasteh

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Hello my friends

I remember this because I like pretty fonts've worked hard for him.

These fonts also support comes from Persian into English very well!

We can change the font, font style as well as Samsung are working.

The good news friends who use other brands if the launcher as "Dialog Launcher" should be possible to change the font and font can enjoy it.

In programs like "chat SMS Pro" also got tested and got the answer.

If your comments do help me, I'm extremely grateful.

(By the way, I got this nice font to my brother, "Mohammad Amin Abedi" I gave so much love.)

Point1: If any of these fonts need to Uninstall Did you select the default font after doing Safely Uninstall function.
Point2: If you select the font, the font did not change it once you've Restart.
Point3: Another nice font is on the way ...
Point4: To set the font in Samsung to see pictures!

Be successful!

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