ghofl asar angosht

ghofl asar angosht

Version 1.4
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r all those who want a new security fingerprint lock and the locks are tired of repeating your mobile phone

otherwise fingerprint buy this software just to beautify and some tricks for the handsets that do not have a fingerprint scan
✓ time has come to say goodbye to their mobile phone with other locks ○○○
✓ new window fingerprint lock to the security and beauty that we always lock 2 is expected to open ○○○
✓ your device's lock screen permanently remove steady state.

Features: Advanced settings
- up just like a natural and beautiful lock screen.
- Lock, your phone Avoid opening the device by pressing Home
- Lock screen automatically if you do not attend.

_ Edit slide text and operator, displays the date and time on your lock screen.
- Set the number of scans, date format and time and everything else.
- Change wallpapers scanner from within the app or choose from the gallery.
- And …

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