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In a audible summer  Listen to Kidtunes stories 

Kidtunes stories for all children  from juniors to seniors !

- Stories with no age restrictions,for  kids,teenagers and even adults.

- By listening to Kidtunes  stories ,you will revive your inner childhood and you will be relaxed after a busy day.

- By our stories,  you will be a golob trotter: With these stories, You will travel from Iran to Spain,Italy,France,India,Mongolia,Africa and …

- If you have a child,You can play the stories for them and  furthermore by lestining  to our stories , You will learn a new story eveyday and  narrate it for your child.

- Kidtunes stories will get familiar your kids  and raise theme with concepts such as loving humanity,kindness, sacrifice,forgiveness and modesty.

- Listening to our stories,like watching cartoons,make listener’s mental  imagination  stronger( of kids,teenagers and even adults).Imagination is key to wishes.


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