Aino Accounting

Aino Accounting

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Aino Accounting and Business Management Program

Aino, an Android-based accounting program For small and medium businesses, Which without the need for internet and computers, You can Simply in any place Access it on your mobile phone and Manage your accounts and businesses.

Special features

- Simplicity and ease of use without the need for accounting knowledge

- Issue simultaneously Infinite invoice and determine the type of invoice in the last step

- Convert mobile phone camera To barcode reader

- Possibility to output the photo and pdf of the invoices and save and share them

- Provides statistics, charts and reports

- Connect to all printers via wired, wifi, bluetooth and ...

Other Features


Buy And Sell

- Purchase Invoice

- Sales Invoice

- Back from shopping

- Back from sales

- Invoice Services

- Record receipts and invoice payments

- Printing or preparing a PDF invoice (in the next version)

- Possibility to export and print official Bill acceptable with Ministry of Finance (in the next version)

- Use barcode reader


- Persons (Accountants)

- Definition of goods

- Definition of services

- definition of funds

- Definition of banks

- Grouping definitions

- Definition of the shareholders of the institution and the percentage of partnership

Receive and pay

- Cash receipts and payments

-Bank receive and pay

- Automatic document of Receive, payment, expense, income

- Money transfer

- Receiving and issuing a check

- Manage checks, collect, transfer to the bank, return, etc...

Accounting operations

- Ability to define accounts

- Definition of accounts in 4 levels of the group, total, specific and detailed

- Detailed floating account

- Automatic document registration  In all sectors

- Document handwriting and document editing (in the next version)

- Automatic Opening Document

- Automatic closing document (in the next version)

- Close accounts at the end of the financial year (in the next version)

- Possibility to register the accounting document at a certain or detailed level

- Save the document in two modes Draft and definitive registration


- Balance sheet

- profit and loss statements

- bills capital

- Report inventory

- Card Commodity

- Personnel turnover

- certain individual billing

- Browse Accounts (in the next version)

- The newspaper office

- General Office, Detail (in the next version)


- Adjust and select the sales invoice template

- Setting the accounting document and definitions (in the next version)

- Complete settings and information of the institution

- Financial institution settings

- Ability to use Iranian currency units (Rials and toman) 

- Ability to record waste of goods


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