Weather Forecast – Live Weather, Local Weather

Weather Forecast – Live Weather, Local Weather

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Are you interested in the weather every day? Weather Forecast application will help you easily update weather data quickly hourly every day. Easily helps you predict the weather for the next few hours and days. The information will alert you to any plans for your upcoming play or activity. Especially the application is completely free to use.

Weather Forecast data is constantly updated, providing information anywhere in the world. Weather forecast application automatically updates the time and location of the location you are in to facilitate weather viewing and higher accuracy. Eye-catching application interface, easy to use and smooth, compatible with all types of mobile devices.

Hourly and daily weather forecast:
👉 Displays temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed, visibility, wind direction, UV index and chance of precipitation.

Live weather forecast::
👉 You can search for any city in the world, forecast weather trends in that place quickly and easily. Detailed information about the weather that place.

Weather radar map:
👉 Real time weather radar
👉 Helps you to track the most extensive weather roaming details.
👉 Direction of rain, wind, storm...

Air quality monitoring index AQI:
👉 Help you get information about the air quality around where you live to provide safe and effective health solutions.

Weather forecast 24 hours a day:
👉 Provide detailed weather every hour about temperature, fog, wind speed, visibility, UV index...
👉 Bad weather warning: such as rain warning, severe weather

Manage locations:
👉 Help you track the weather in many places you care about quickly.

Weather forecast chart:
👉 Displays graphs of sunrise and sunset time
👉 Display graph of comparison between days of the week including highest and lowest temperature.

👉 Add utilities in different sizes: 2x1, 4x2, 4x1... suitable for your preferences
👉 Widget can display temperature, time, and hourly weather forecasts every day
👉 Automatically update widget's weather.

👉 The notification displays detailed weather information about the daily lowest highest temperature every hour
👉 You can easily observe and track the weather
👉 Automatically update weather data in the notification bar

Our Weather app may request your Location data for a functional purpose. We may use various technologies to determine location, such as GPS, Wi-Fi or other network-based data such as IP address. Your GPS geo-location is not accessed without your consent. We do NOT provide your Location data for advertising networks and third parties.

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