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Neffos Weather

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Product highlights

— Accurate weather forecast: Neffos Weather works with the world's best weather data sources to provide you with the most accurate weather information at all times.
— Precise positioning: No matter where you are, Neffos Weather can provide you with accurate local weather information.
— Real-time weather display: Real-time display of current temperature, weather conditions and other information.
— Weather change reminder: When the weather changes such as rain, snow, hail, and cooling in the alert city, Neffos Weather can send timely reminders to remind you to pay attention to weather changes.
— Severe weather warning: when severe weather is expected in the alert city, Neffos Weather can send weather warning notices in time to remind you to take precautions against bad weather. The weather warning feature is currently available in most European countries, USA, Canada, Australia, and Japan.
— Support multiple languages: support more than 20 languages such as English, German, French, and Arabic.

Custom desktop widget

Neffos Weather offers three widget styles for your free choice: “current weather” widget, “time + current weather” widget, and “current weather + future weather” widget.

We hope you enjoy Neffos weather app, thank you for your support.

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