Document Scanner - PDF Scanner

Document Scanner - PDF Scanner

Version 5.1
Install +10 K
Category Tools
Size 16 MB
Last Update 2023 June 3
Document Scanner - PDF Scanner

Document Scanner - PDF Scanner

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Version 5.1
Install +10 K
Category Tools
Size 16 MB
Last Update 2023 June 3
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PDF Scanner is a scan to PDF tool to scan documents on Android devices. Document scanner app uses your phone's camera to automatically scan docs in PDF/JPG formats. You can scan paper documents such as receipts, bills, certificates, and notes with one click. Scan, save, and share scanned documents in high quality.

Searching for a portable scanner to scan documents? PDF Scanner will turn your phone into a digital office and be easy to carry around. Get this scanner app to scan any document in PDF/JPG formats.

Save your time and maximize productivity with our fast scanner app. Get your hands on a document scanner and store all documents on your phone. With a simple scanner app, scan documents and share them with anyone. Now keep your entire office in your pocket and go paperless. PDF scanner app lets you scan anything that is scannable. Say goodbye to heavy copy machines and scan your paperwork with one tap.

Main Features of PDF Scanner -Document Scanner App:
• Auto-edge recognition with the paper scanner.
• Cam scanner provides enhanced scan quality.
• Digitize old photos with the photo scanner.
• Scan to PDF with multi-page selection.
• Fast scanner saves time and effort.
• Picture to PDF converter.
• Multipage book scanner.
• Scan Docx in PDF or JPEG format.
• Manage your PDF scans.
• Scan PDFs in different sizes from A1 to A-6.
• Add or delete pages with the PDF scan app.
• Doc Scanner allows editing of PDF documents.
• Scan to PDF with one tap and share quickly.


Scan Your Docx:
Doc scanner app is user-friendly to scan documents quickly. With powerful features, the PDF scanner can save your scans in an image or PDF format on your phone.

Scan Multipage Books:
If you need to scan books, novels, or magazines, our document scanner pdf is here to help. Simply use our page scanner to scan to PDF and organize them in a single scan app.

Fast Scan ID Photos:
For those looking to digitize their favorite photos, our photo scanner app is an ideal choice. With a picture scanner, you can save your photos as PDF or JPG files.

Scan Docs in Multiple Formats:
Export your files in PDF or JPG format and save them right on your phone. With our mobile scanner app, you can store unlimited PDF documents and access them whenever you want!

Scan Anything Easily:
PDF Scanner for Android can scan any type of document, from paper documents to business cards. Its camera scanner is fast and efficient. With auto cropping and enhancement, scan documents to make them look better.

Scan and Share Documents:
You can send your scans as PDF or JPG to anyone you want. PDF scans will be saved to your photo library for future reference. Also, share your scanned documents with social networks.

App Permissions:
1. Storage: PDF Scanner needs permission to store documents
2. Camera: Simple scanning app uses the camera to scan documents

If you have any ideas or suggestions about our Document Scanner - PDF Scanner app, please contact us at

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