Gas Converter

Gas Converter

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Linde Gas Converter offers you an easy solution to convert volumetric to weight based units for 15 industrial gases* in total.

Combining a maximum of usability with a sleek design the Linde Gas Converter app allows the user to convert very easily between liquid and gaseous units. In addition, the customer gets further information like enthalpy, boiling point or values of different temperatures (0°C, 15°C, 20°C).

Only three steps are necessary!
By starting the app, simply choose the gas you want to convert, then select the calculation units, enter a value and the result is immediately displayed. No redundant clicks or confirmations are necessary.

The Linde Gas Converter is the appropriate tool for everybody who works with gases and is looking for a simple and convenient solution.

*Following gases are integrated:

• Oxygen
• Nitrogen
• Argon
• Helium
• Carbon Monoxide
• Carbon Dioxide
• Hydrogen
• Methane
• Acethylene
• Propane
• Butane
• Ethylene
• Ammonia
• Chlorine
• Methanol

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