Talking Eagle Flight

Talking Eagle Flight

Version 1.0.8
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Talk to the Talking Eagle. He answers with his funny voice and reacts to what you say or your touch. Talking eagle flight is also a first-person, simulation game, which tasks players to assume control of an eagle flighting. As the eagle moves forward continuously, its direction is controlled by the player's head movement.

Talking to Eagle
★ Talk to eagle and he will repeat after you.
★ Laugh out loud at eagle’s funny voice.
★ Share funny eagle videos with your friends.

Play with Eagle
★ Touch the eagle to make him happy
★ Training eagle flying
★ Training eagle predator

Flight with Eagle:
★ Exploring the world, find hidden object.
★ Complete various eagle missions.
★ Fight with other eagles.
★ Training of attack skills, fishing.
★ Find food, to avoid enemy attacks.

With Talking Eagle Flight , you can talk to your eagle and experience all the freedom and majesty of flight.

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