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Talk to the Talking Bull. The bull answers with his funny voice and reacts to what you say or your touch. If you look for bull games, Talking Bull is the game you are looking for. Maybe you like bull and want to keep one as a pet, but can not do so intolerable family or roommates, or too busy to care them. Now we have Talking Bull.

This is a very funny bull. He likes to run and jump, like to play game with you. Hope these bulls can accompany you to have an exciting time. Talking Bull is the latest in bull simulation technology, bringing next-gen bull simulation to YOU. You no longer have to fantasize about being a bull, your dreams have finally come true!

You will collect bull, train them to level them up and send them to quests for exciting in-game rewards! If you like these bulls, share them with your friends, your parents, lovers, oh we must ensure that they like bulls as you Like them.

Talking to bull
★ Talk to bull and bull will repeat after you.
★ Laugh out loud at bull’s funny voice.
★ Share funny bull picture with your friends.

Play with Talking bull
★ Touch the bull to make him happy.
★ Poke or slap bull's head, belly and feet.
★ Different bulls can collect and more to come.

Talking Bull simulator
★ You can be a bull.
★ realistic animation of bull simulation.
★ Bull walk makes you laugh.
★ Combines bull rampage with adventure.
★ Angry bulls rampage and destroy everything.
★ Use the horns above your head to pick up what you want.

Talking Bull - Fun goat games belongs to Talking Pets Family Casual Apps designed for everyone. Talking Pets family are composed by: Talking Cat, Talking Dogs, Talking eagle, Talking Horse, Talking Husky, Talking Koala Bear, Talking Lion, Talking Tiger, Talking Cute Monkey, Talking Black Panther, Talking Wolf & Talking Rabbit.

Talking Bull is a free game. Willing Talking Bull accompany you to spend a happy time. Download now and start having fun with bull!

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