Unicorn Poop - Sweet Trendy Desserts Food Maker

Unicorn Poop - Sweet Trendy Desserts Food Maker

نسخه ۱.۵
نصب فعال

Like Unicorn Food? It is the most popular food right now. And the best and crazy unicorn food is right here - Unicorn Poop. Curious about it? Let’s start to make it right now.

- Add & Mix all the ingredients together. Do not miss one of them.
- Split the batter into several parts.
- Add your favorite food coloring. Red? Green,?yellow? Purple etc. mix them well.
- Combine all the colored food together and the most fantastic step - use your finger to make it shaped as poop. OMG. you are making poop, the unicorn poop right now.
- Put your poop into the oven to bake. Be patient to wait for a while.
- Wow, it’s ready right now, totally fresh from the oven.
- Decorate your poop with so many unicorn decorations. It will be so much fun to combine all the unicorn decorations together.
- Wanna take a bite? OMG, how does it taste like? Go to find it our yourself.

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