Rainbow Pony Beauty Salon

Rainbow Pony Beauty Salon

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As a pony your aspect matter more than anything, but we all know when you are out playing and having fun you might forget about it for a while. And this is what just happen in this animal game with this little pony and now that the royal party is coming, he needs all the help he can get to make his aspect lovable again. Put all your talent together and try to find a way to give this little horse a pampering day and a refreshing outfit that would make him be more confident and cute. Clean him and make sure you use appropriate products for each part of his body. Brush him and give his hair glow again using professional caring shampoos, masks and hair sprays. The hair salon step comes right after the spa one and you could easily move from one to another enjoying the special treatment you give.

The next step includes the dress code that you should choose for him and it could be colorful or just classic because you are his personal designer and you have the power to decide which themes is more likely for him. This little dude needed a change and only you could help him to find his style that would be the style his owner wants it too. Use your imagination and mix the texture and color of the saddle with his headpiece. Make your own image in the pony world and be proud of your work.

Features of the game are highlighted in this section:
- Free to play
- Wet your pony and scrub her down with the sponge ready for the soap
- Brush your pony’s hair to make it nice and straight and ready for styling
- Accessorize and add the finial finishing touches to her head with a lovely headpiece
- Change the hair design to make her look more impressive
- Entertain yourself with cheerful background song and great graphics
- Magical mystic fairy land to explore
- Royal pony caring
- Perfect control of the game

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