Voice Search

Voice Search

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Voice search makes it faster and easier than ever to search your favorite apps and websites for the content you want. The best application for quick voice search on the various resources, launching your apps and choose contacts by voice. Just speak in the phone mac and get accurate result to search anything on the websites, apps and phone contacts, youtube and social websites like twitter and Amazon through voice recognition. Every time you are in trouble to search anything within the app, this is fast searching way on the google to open mac and search all. Sometime we make mistakes during write any name of the app or content which we want to search. Or sometime people have low words vocabulary or great hurry to find without typing or writing on the search bar. Here is best solution for all problems, you just need to go with particular site or app and search with name. Save your time to search things by typing and exploring all phone folders. Just use voice search to get things and useful material on the phone screen by say it with voice.

*YouTube:* open the site and speak for your favorite video to watch. Let say, I’m searching for favorite songs of any singer. No need to type signer name, just say signer name and his/her songs list will be there without interaction or typing on phone keypad.

*Weather:* Just open google and speak city name then you will have all weather information on the screen with interaction with phone keypad once again.

*Route Finder:* say your route/place name and you have shortest route guide on the phone. No need to write place name in the route finder button. Just click on mac and say it where you want to go. Let’s make it easy and accurate to find your next way.

*Wikipedia:* search anything on the Wikipedia or social websites through talk with phone mac, no need to write or type on the search bar. Just say it what you are searching for and get result on the phone.

*Contacts:* go in the contact folder and search by name to anyone by not scrolling finger up and down.

*Gmail:* get your emails search through searching by name of the sender or receiver in the folder.

*Play store:* search your favorite apps and games on play store by talking with mac and get all listed on the play store folder. Voice search make your life more simple and professional o save your time.

Voice search is for you, install it free forever and get your life easier than ever. Just say hello and get result through best voice recognition app.

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