Unicorn Ice Cream Milkshake - Super Ice Drink

Unicorn Ice Cream Milkshake - Super Ice Drink

نسخه ۱.۳
نصب فعال

We all like milkshake. How about this unicorn rainbow ice cream milkshake? Sounds great. Let’s get start right now.

Add and mix all the ingredients to the blender. Ice cream, milk, ice, add them all in. Tap the button to mix. Watch out, do not let it spill.

Choose the food coloring you like. You can choose four colors. And mix with the colors.

Put all the colored mixture to the cup. Wow, it will be really sparkly.

Choose the cream for your ice cream milkshake.

Decorate your milkshake with tons of sprinkles, candies, fruits and unicorn decorations.

Let’s enjoy the yummy drink and take a photo to show off. Ask friends to come together to make this fantastic food.

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