Rooyan Darou (Old version)

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Version 2.1.1


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Rooyan Darou Mobile Application

If you installed version oler than 2.0.0 please remove it first and try to install new version.

This native application has been requested by Rooyan Darou Company to provide fully
extended product list which mainly includes three major animal categories. The main
goal was to offer an easy way to access to the medicines information by doctors and
people involved in this industry. Search and reliable assortment would enable the user
to access to the information with minimum effort.

Some of the features are:
• Medicines By Animal Type
• Medicines By Category(Antibiotics, Vitamins,..)
• Search Based on Medicines Industrial Name
• Search Based on Generic Name
• Filter Medicine List Based on Manufacturer (Made By Rooyan Darou, Imported)
• Filter Medicine List Based on Different Types
Additional Description:
• Medicine Categories would be accessible by selecting a animal group
• Antibiotics
• Vitamins & Supplements
• Hormones
• Disinfectants
• Anticoccidials

Right after selecting a medicine category, the app provide list of medicine which
includes generic & industrial name, symbol color and type
User is enabled to filter to filter the list against specific medicine type(s)
Selecting a product from this list will navigate the user to product detail page which
illustrates the medicine names, photo, as well additional information such as usage,
If the medicine is usable for different animals, the application illustrates symbolic icons
to ensure that the user is fully aware of the target animal type.
Last but not least, Search feature offers a real time result against the user input based
on the generic name.

Phone: +98(21)88937433-4
Fax: +98(21)88896595

Address: No. 5 , Salman Pak All,Nejatollahi St.,Tehran, Iran
Post Code: 1599689111

Project By: SimyaTech []


Performance improvements

Removed phone activation that was required

Some UI changes


  • modify/delete SD card contents
  • view network connections
  • full Internet access
  • read phone status and identity