🎃👻Baby Tailor 5 - Happy Halloween

🎃👻Baby Tailor 5 - Happy Halloween

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Baby Tailor 5 is ready for you to make amazing and fashionable Halloween clothes!
Choose your favorite color, design your own style, and put special Halloween decorations on! Baby Tailor 5 will represent you best Halloween costume!

Baby Tailor 5 Features:
🎃 Tons of new fabrics and clothes styles
🎃 New tailor shop with Halloween elements
🎃 Halloween style decorations for clothes
🎃 Enjoy being a grand Master Tailor
🎃 Share your experience of managing a Tailor Shop with friends
🎃 Fashion kids up like never before, match everything for them, including hair style/sunglasses/earrings/dresses/shoes/handbag

Take a fashion photo of your masterpiece to your family and friends! 🎃👻Baby Tailor 5 - Happy Halloween is Free to Download!

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