Ice Cream Cooking Factory: Cook Delicious Dessert

Ice Cream Cooking Factory: Cook Delicious Dessert

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Do you like Ice cream cones? If that is a yes then you will just love playing this food maker game by following the simple but fun steps to realize perfect cupcakes making from your dessert factory business. Now you can easily create ice creams like never before with our factory mode in Ice Cream Cooking Factory game! Cook, create & decorate ice creams like a professional factory baker! Here you can collect the creamy cone, fill it with a layer of flavored cream, freeze it, fill it with yummy sauces, add your toppings to it, sprinkle it with chocolate and send it out to your customers! Let yourself race the time and see if you can complete your ice cream cups in target time to collect all your money! With great cooking fun, learn the art of making delicious dessert in this icy Popsicle making game.

Here you can easily make your ice cream cone cupcakes from scratch by collecting all the ingredients from your shelf and preparing them ready for mixing in this free offline cooking game for girls. Start to prepare and decorate your own cupcake ice-creams, you will definitely have plenty of fun in making chocolate vanilla cake & icy pop that suit your needs. When you have finished cooking your cones you can have the fun of decorating them by adding the icing, syrup and any yummy decorations for added flavor in Ice Cream Cooking Factory. Great for everyone to enjoy, why not get your friends together and see what types of ice-cream cupcakes you can make.

Start your busy working day by driving the milk tank from warehouse to factory. Buy bakery ingredients from supermarket. Place in cart & pay at cash counter. Wash the fruits in kitchen before cutting them like a little ninja chef. Drag the pieces of fruits in large grander, add the sugar and grind them to make fruity pulp. Drag the fruit pulp bowl on conveyor belt. Repair the rusty generator with cleaning & repairing tools. Add milk & pulp in large mixture tank and mix gradually. After mixing liquid, pour in the mixture and fill the blocks with salt and ice for cooling process. Pour the ice cream in wafer cones. Add toppings like jelly beans, sprinkles, nuts & syrup from top by rotating machine. After wrapper selection design the wrapper / ice cream cup according to the Ice Cream by dragging images on the wrapper.

Pack the ice cream with wrapper and put lid on top and drag on conveyor belt after moving conveyor belt drag the ice cream in large box and then place the box on conveyor belt and load in Ice Cream Truck. Chef! Make ice cream scoop tower on wafer cone with the moving left and right. Drive the ice cream truck with manual controller and deliver the ice cream in shops.

Ice Cream Cooking Factory Features

- Collect the orders from your customers to create their ice cream ready for store.
- Move the order along the conveyor-belt through each stage.
- Recreate a yummy colorful ice-cream treat that’s ready to eat.
- Gain more and more profits with best ice cream maker games.

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