🧁🧁Sweet Cake Shop 3 - Cupcake Fever

🧁🧁Sweet Cake Shop 3 - Cupcake Fever

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Welcome to Cupcake Shop! This is a cupcake cooking game!

Cupcake has unique cooking recipe. In Cupcake Fever, you could make YUMMY cupcakes and pancakes like a chef in the kitchen, manage the restaurant as well! Bake your day!

Cupcake Fever features:
Put all kinds of yummy ingredients together into the pan.
Lots of cute and fashionable cups for you to choose.
Many kitchen tools, electric mixer/oven and others.
Focus on cupcakes when baking them.
Decorate your tasty cupcake with candy🍬, lollipop🍭, sprinkles, ice cream🍨, strawberry🍓, cookie 🍪and other delicious ingredients.
Design your cupcake box with many beautiful ornaments
A great deal of birthday cards and toys could be used, when you finish the cooking, take a photo and share them with your friends!

Take cupcake make as a cooking adventure!

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